During their engagement session I couldn’t help notice Neal’s awesome Star Wars tattoos on his calves. One representing Jedi and one representing Sith.  We even took a photo of it.


      Later that year I picked up a light saber and stored it in my light stand bag.  Because their wedding and reception were both at Waldonwoods , we had little time between wedding and reception to get the portraits.  So Nikki and Neal opted to have a first look and bridal party portraits before the wedding.  They both were a nervous wreck.  Having had an engagement session I knew their body language together and before their wedding I could tell that they both were a bundle of nerves.  So we started taking some bridal party portraits and then I set them up in the pose below meant to mimic the poster from the original star wars movie.  I heard Neal say “Oh man I wish I had my light saber.”  At that moment I said “There’s something missing”, and I went to the light stand bag and pulled out the light saber.  The swooshing sound it made added to the impact and Neal was ecstatic.   I handed the saber to Neal and he knew just what to do.  Pointed it in the air overhead and struck a confidence pose that said “yes, this is my bride, I have a light saber, and I know how to protect her.”  Later on they told me that after that moment their nerves were gone and they were ready to become husband and wife.