The dress hung in her childhood bedroom. A room accented with the color blue her favorite and the same color as her bridesmaids dresses. Sarah was going to marry her firefighter today. As the hair and makeup were done I sensed a calm about her. She stepped into her dress (ok the dress was pulled over her head) and the moment got real. Sarah’s Daddy came into the room with wide eyes and a smile of joy. That kind of smile he’s waited her whole life to don. At the church while everyone was taking their seats and flowers were being distributed Sarah and Nick exchanged a note. Nick’s was folded in the shape of a boat and hand written with love. Everyone stood (including relatives in Germany watching from an ipad through skype) as Sarah walked down the isle at St. Andrews Catholic Church and watched a smiling bride walk toward her future husband. Nick stood at the alter with his hands clasped in front of him and a teary smile on his face. The images below tell the rest of the story better than I cam, so I’ll stop typing and let the images do the work.

      Reception: Palazzo Grande


      Beautiful Sarah!! So happy for you!!