Everlastings in the Wildwood Wedding

      They met at a party so it’s only fitting that their wedding was also quite the party. Nick and Caley have this aura about them. You could sense it when they were together in the way the interacted and looked at each other. It was a joy to witness all day and even more of a joy to capture on camera.

      The venue was a floral haven with beautiful colors and smells everywhere at Everlanstings in the Wildwood. They have worked very hard to make this the perfect wedding venue and it lived up to the name.

      Nick stood at the head of the aisle with a grin on his face. They’ve been together for 6 years and this was the moment she would become his wife. Escorted down the aisle by her parents. Caly’s father, tears in his eyes, gripped Nicks hand and gave a confident and warming handshake. Caley’s brother Kyle became ordained so that he could perform the service and he did an amazing job running the ceremony. His words for the couple were full of respect and love for his sister and the couple. You may kiss the bride. Lynn from W.E.D. arranged the most delicious bbq meal and the band began singing shortly after.
      Instead of a cake, a carefully arranged set of donuts were set out. The couple did a first bite. And then we danced.


      Wedding Coordinator: W.E.D.

      Ceremony/Reception: Everlastings in the Wildwood

      Catering: Adeline Leigh Catering

      Flowers: B/A Florist

      Band: Blue Water Kings