Shoe Game

      The wedding shoe game is a great game to do on the dance floor during your reception to learn a little bit about the bride and groom and to laugh a whole lot.  Two chairs are placed on the dance floor facing away from each other and the bride and groom remove their shoes.  Each person holds one of their own shoes and one of their spouses shoes.  Either the DJ or a family friend that is good with the microphone will be the host and ask the bride and groom specific questions.  Each raises the shoe of the person that best fits the question.  For example “Who is the better driver?” and then the bride and groom each raise the brides shoe meaning that they both agree that the bride is the better driver.  The fun happens when they both disagree.  Your DJ will love it because the dance floor will be full of people to dance once the game is over.  I’ve compiled a list of questions below to help you prepare this game but the more personalized the better.  Give it a try and have fun.   Here’s a gallery of images taken at the Piquette Model T plant wedding in Detroit.

      Possible questions for the Wedding Shoe Game:

      • Who is the better driver?
      • Who will cry during a sappy movie?
      • Who is the better chef?
      • Who wears the pants in this relationship?
      • Who was the first to try to kiss the other?
      • Who is the better kisser?
      • Who controls the TV remote?
      • Who snores the loudest?
      • Who said “I Love You” first?
      • Who is the first to fall asleep?
      • Who gives a better massage?
      • Who will be the one to clean the bathroom?
      • Who has the most speeding tickets?
      • Who is most likely to lose things?
      • Who will do the laundry?
      • Who is older?
      • Who is on their cell phone more?
      • Who is messier?
      • Who spends the most money?