How do you find the right florist for your wedding bouquet? After years of photographing weddings I’ve seen some wonderful bouquets and some less desirable ones. You want to find a florist that has the experience to make a bouquet that will last the entire wedding day, choose flowers that are available in the season of your wedding day, be the right color flowers, and have an artistic touch.  One key I’ve found to finding a great florist is one that knows the paper towel trick. A seasoned florist will include a roll of paper towels or napkins with the bridal bouquets because they know that the flowers will be dripping wet after pulling them out of the vases. The last thing your bridesmaids want are water stains on the front of their dresses during the wedding ceremony. Dripping flowers will mark up the dresses for photos and take a while to dry.

      As a wedding photographer, when I see the flowers come in I always look for the roll of paper towels and if they are not there I make sure to let the bridesmaids know to dab the bottom of the flowers with the towel. When you’re interviewing your florist make sure to ask if they have ever included paper towels or napkins with the bouquets. If you’re looking for recommendations for florists just check out my recommended vendors page. The flowers below were provided by B/A Florist in Lansing Michigan.
      Bridal Bouquet