On the shores of Van Etten Lake, nestled on the grounds of Camp Nissokone  in the city of Oscoda Michigan lies a simple outdoor chapel. A chapel that has so much meaning to me and to many campers and counselors that have gone through this camp throughout the years.  The benches are wood and metal, the cement is cracking, the cross isn’t decorated with anything special. Yet it’s the most peaceful place on this earth to me. When I was a counselor we would meet there on Sunday mornings to reflect and sing songs. I had the chance to visit the camp this past summer and a flood of memories came back to me as I stood in that chapel. Memories of campers lined up in the pews, songs sung, candles lit, and prayers made. When i was a counselor it was a great place to retreat to when the the stress of camp was too much or when you just needed a quiet break. I remember thinking this would be the perfect place for a wedding ceremony. It would be a dream.