5 brides approached my buddy Derek Cookson for a unique photo shoot. These five friends were all married within the past two years and they had always talked about doing a photo shoot together in their wedding gowns. Instead of just shooting it for himself, Derek offered the opportunity to a group of us fellow wedding photographers as a quasi-workshop/photo opportunity. Hair and makeup was provided and the brides got back in their dresses one more time for a fashion shoot in the beautiful city of St. Joseph Michigan. We began on the streets of St. Joseph and ended on the beach at sunset where the high winds and brisk October air made for challenging but fun conditions for a photo shoot.

      I like to shoot for myself because it’s the best way for me to improve and to find my voice in the images I shoot for clients later on. One of my favorite things to do is to create a photo story of how things happened, so that was my approach to this shoot. The following images represent the story of this workshop along with some of my favorite images from the day.


      Wow Ed, theses are just amazing! It looks like everyone had a blast!

      Wonderful story AND spectacular images! Love them all – wow!