30 Portraits in 30 Days Begins

      This week I began a personal project that I call 30 portraits in 30 days. I’ve been wanting to challenge myself in this way for quite some time and April was the time to do it. Before the wedding season really kicks in. The challenge of this assignment is to take a portrait every day for 30 days in any lighting, location, or weather situation that occurs. In 15 minutes or less! One of the main motivators is the fact that many times I cannot predict the lighting situation or the weather on a wedding day and I still am required to produce results.

      Note: If you’re interested in helping model for this project there are still some dates available. Contact me [email protected] and I’ll send you a link to register. 

      “I Did It!”

      Every model that volunteers for this project is asked to provide a quote that they live by or has meaning to them. Meet Ashlyn who’s favorite saying is “I did it!” An enthusiastic dancer with a fun energetic personality and this is here exclamation when she’s accomplished something. We met at a park where the skies were overcast and the weather was cool, but not too cold. Ashlyn is a dancer so we began the shoot by having her do a split leap which she was more than happy to do. This got her in the mood to shoot and opened her right up for portraits and laughter. The main shot that I was hoping to capture was this first smiling image. To the left of the camera is a reflector bringing back some of the light that was being diffused from the clouds. If you look closely at her eyes you can see the reflector at the bottom left part of her eye.

      The following image was taken for fun but I thought I would include it anyway. There’s a method to the composition here. Notice the curved waters edge that leads the eye through the frame to our subject.

      Thought we would capture her playful side in this next shot.

      A quick behind the scenes photo captured by my fiancé Stephanie.



      Thank you Kelly. She was great to work with and a talented dancer.

      Your photos amaze me once again.

      What an amazing photo of her leap splits that captures her pure talent! Beautiful