When I was a boy I had spent the night at my Grandparent’s house and the next morning we drove to have pancakes. On the way back we passed by St. Michael’s church and grandpa tipped his hat. I asked him what he was doing and he said that it’s a sign of respect to tip your hat as you pass by the church. As you pass by this church in Monroe Michigan, it’s easy to respect it’s steeple reaching far into the sky and the beautiful brick work adoring the outside. The inside is even more beautiful.

      This was my church.

      I remember sitting in the pews as a boy looking up at the artwork on the ceiling and being in awe of the artistry. I’d go through the entire mass looking up at the paintings never hearing a word of what was said during the mass. I would one day love to photograph a wedding at St. Mike’s. It would be the ultimate honor for this wedding photographer, because this is my church.