Birthday Party Portraits

      Portrait session 27 of 30 was on an evening of my birthday party. We had a great dinner at Miso in Fredericksburg VA and outside they had these stinging lights which were just begging me to photograph portraits in front of. I took a group photo of the friends that were together and then handed the camera to Sheree to capture a photo of Stephanie and I. These were shot with a speedlight off to the left of the camera with a small disk diffuser on it. I triggered the flash with Nikon’s CLS system because I didn’t have my pocket wizard triggers on me. The CLS works great in a pinch because you can set the flash power right from the camera. The only limitation is that the flash needs to be line of sight from the camera. These were shot at ISO 640, Shutter Speed 1/250 Sec, and F3.2.


      friends portrait


      Wow! The lighting is incredible. Great shots!