Someplace pretty. That was Cherrie’s response when I asked about locations for their engagement session. Downtown Fenton (where Jimmy and Cherrie are from) can be pretty if you find the right locations, but Birmingham is just beautiful this time of year. It seemed like we only explored a small fraction of the town for their engagement session, and it was a great evening with perfect weather and conversation. Cannot wait for their wedding next year.


      Gorgeous guys love them all!

      Mary Kay Naughton

      Love them all Cherrie. But of course #1 and #5 are the best.

      Heather Campbell Shemke

      You look so beautiful Cherrie!

      Lol he said show some attitude and I did 🙂

      Teresa Holloway

      Beautiful 😉

      Morgan Mikiczenko

      Sooo beautiful!!!! You both look great!

      Very nice pictures

      Lee Noland Lord

      So beautiful love the pictures

      used to look marvelous love you Cherrie.

      These are so beautiful Cherrie!!! Just like you!

      Valerie Schaudt

      Beautiful pictures guys!!!! and I agree about the grumpy look in the 3rd. I had just said he looked mad and my daughter said “he is madly in love” lol

      Joanne Wismer Marinelli

      these are beautiful but Jimmy looks grumpy in that 3rd picture 😉