It’s no secret, I love dogs. I especially love photographing them at weddings. Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you include your furry friend in the wedding portraits. 

      Wedding Dog

      Greyhounds with bride and groom

      Stop By The House

      Monica and Matt had two greyhounds that they really wanted included in their wedding portraits. We scheduled the party bus to stop by their home so that we could include the furry friends in the photos. So if it fits in your schedule and the route between your ceremony and reception, then include it in one of your portrait destinations. 

      Poodle and bride

      Family Friend

      A friend of the family is always a good option for helping with your dog. If they won’t be attending the reception or if they will be willing to be late then it’s a good idea to have a family friend that’s keeping your dog to bring it to the portraits and then take the dog away. This way your pooch is with someone familiar and therefore happier. 

      Boxer with bride and groom

      Dog Handling Service

      Another great option is to hire a professional pet care handler to take care of your pet. A great pet handler can house your pet during your wedding and honeymoon, and they can bring them to the wedding for the portrait session. 

      Dog with bride and groom

      Pug with wedding dress