Old Silk Mill Dance Floor

      What makes a top 5 DJ?

      Great DJ’s will be attentive to your requests, ask the right questions, and do the proper preparation before your wedding day. Having the right equipment is a must as sometimes your wedding venue may require multiple setups. Keep in mind that it takes them time to bring sound and microphones outside for your outdoor ceremony and another setup for your dance floor so they will charge for that time. Your DJ should be able to read the dance floor and make adjustments to keep the floor populated.

      Here in Fredericksburg the top 5 Wedding DJ’s that I’ve had experience with are……

      1. Eric Herod Entertainment

      Eric is personable and well dressed. He has the right equipment to do the job and has the experience to handle the dance floor.

      2. Music Music and More Music

      We met the Christian at the Virginia Bride Magazine bridal show in Fredericksburg and was impressed with his understanding of how to run the wedding day from a DJ perspective. Super personable and the type of DJ you want in front of the mic on your wedding day.

      3. DJ to Go

      Geoffry Stevens has the personality and friendliness that we look for in a DJ.

      4. Black Tie Entertainment

      We worked with Black tie Entertainment at the Old Silk Mill last year. They have a large selection of DJ’s to choose from to fit the personality you’re looking for. Highly recommended.

      5. 4 Incredible DJ’s

      A great team of DJ’s to fit your particular style of DJ to run the dance floor. You won’t go wrong with any of them.

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