How To Plan A Sparkler Exit

      When planning a sparkler exit for your wedding day here are a few tips to help you plan the best sparkler exit possible.

      First, be sure to purchase the longer sparklers. Either 20 or 36 inch. This is critical because it will take a bit of time to get all of them lit and this helps extend the amount of time you have before exiting through the sparkler tunnel.  A good place to buy sparklers is at Wedding Sparkler Outlet

      The second tip is to bring lighters that work. Once you get a few sparklers lit then they light off of each other well.

      The third tip is to bring a metal bucket. Not only is it a good place to hold the sparklers prior to the exit, but it’s even more important for safe disposal of the sparklers after they burn out.

      Fourth tip is to have some helpers light both sides of the aisle so that they can pass the sparks down the row. Sparklers are easier to light from one sparkler to another.

      Lastly, make sure to inform your photographer about it so that they can plan to photograph it properly.