It’s a common question for the wedding day. Should you do a first look or not? The answer is…..It depends. I’ve put together some things to consider for and against to help you make this decision for your wedding day.

      Detroit Wedding Jessica Kyle 10
      Jessica and Kyle’s First Look

      Reasons to have a first look

      When your ceremony and reception are at the same location and you’d like to spend as little time as possible taking pictures between ceremony and reception, then it makes sense to do a first look. All of the bridal party photos can be taken care of prior to the ceremony. This gives your guests the shortest amount of time to wait for you to join the party.

      Another reason is because you would like that moment (the moment you see each other for the first time) to be a private one.

      Many photographers push for a first look because they need a lot of time to set up shots, but this is a moment that we believe should not be pressured to do. It really is up to you. We won’t pressure you to have one. If you decide not to have a one we will capture everything you need between the ceremony and reception. We work fast.

      Anne and Stephen’s first look at the altar

      Reasons NOT to have a first look

      The first look can be a sacred moment for many people. They want that instant to be captured at the altar just as it happens. Many wedding traditions frown against the bride and groom seeing each other prior to the wedding. (“It’s tradition!” Now I have that song from Fiddler on the roof in my head. )

      If you have a lot of time planned for portraits between the ceremony and reception then we recommend NOT having a first look.

      Whichever method you decide, just know that we will have you covered. Your groom’s initial reaction will be captured, and your initial reaction will be photographed either during the ceremony or during the first look.

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