On the morning of a wedding I go through a ritual of sorts. Yes, it involves double checking batteries, memory cards, and equipment, however there is something much more going on. It’s that anticipation of being able to witness love, emotion, laughter, happiness, joy and to be able to capture that on camera all day long. It’s a pure joy to capture how the day feels.

      Watching two people who are completely in love become husband and wife is one of the greatest honors there is, and to be able to capture it on camera takes that honor to the next level. It’s an amazing feeling to document those feelings from the nervousness at the beginning, to the grandparents approvals, to the parents lovingly letting go, to the emotional vows, and to the complete joy during the reception/party. It’s an emotional ride from tears to cheers and all emotions mixed in between. It is so fulfilling.

      There’s usually a point during every wedding when I say to my self

      “I was meant to do this.”


      I’m the father to three amazing children
      I play with legos
      I enjoy Crossfit
      I embrace technology
      I’m a dog person
      I love music and especially love a great vocalist
      I love sunsets